Groups, Workshops & Retreats

Groups, workshops and retreats are the perfect way to dive into learning more about you, your relationships, and your community while building new friendships along the way.

Our groups, workshops, and retreats are a safe place to build strong relationships while working with others through similar issues. We focus on relevant topics that foster a better understanding of personal identity and your connection to the world around you.

Monthly events are offered for either a few hours or a weekend and are the perfect complement to counseling and coaching sessions.


Parenting Workshop

These three-hour workshops are offered virtually every month for parents who want to learn new approaches to support their teenage children in a constantly changing world. Topics will include:

Developing family culture.

Establishing agreements and expectations in the home.

Building rituals of connection.

Building stronger relationships with your teen, crisis planning, and conflict management.

Each workshop will include time to get to know one another, the development of a specific skill, a small group activity, and general support from workshop facilitators and other parents. 

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Dads Supporting Dads

Love & Compassion

A Group for Women

Love & Compassion is a self-care support group for women.  It’s a safe place for women to explore their needs for self-care, learn and practice strategies for self-compassion, and get support to overcome things that may get in our way. We will set intentions, be witnessed, and connect in an intimate environment.

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Dad’s Supporting Dad’s

A group for fathers of teens to support one another and share their experiences.

Being a parent has its challenges. And our role as fathers is different than our fathers before us as we shape our children for an ever-changing world.

This group is about having time to check in, get to know other dad’s and learn to support each other around key issues like developmental stages and family culture. We’ll dive into setting expectations and agreements to support the values that are important to your family.

Ninety-minute cohorts meet twice monthly for three months.

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Teen Talk and Support

A post-treatment group for teenagers aged 15-18

Adjusting to home life after treatment can be difficult. This group is a safe place to share and process with peers and a trained group of facilitators interested in youth empowerment.

If you are a teen having a hard time adjusting to public school and being at home, this is your place.

Groups meet weekly for 90 minutes over three months.

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