Couples Counseling

Sometimes relationships are hard, communication is difficult, and you need help sorting through your emotions to move forward in love and understanding.

When conflicts arise, we find it’s usually due to broken communication and the feeling of not being heard or understood. Sometimes, you need someone to listen and help you untangle complex emotions that create barriers to effective communication.

We facilitate safe communication in our sessions, providing direct support for each partner and promote healing in the relationship by ensuring individual feelings are heard, understood, and supported.

What should I expect in a session?

Our sessions focus on assessing and exploring the relational dynamics surrounding both partners. As we uncover these unique dynamics, contributing behaviors affecting the relationship’s overall well-being will rise to the surface.

We find it most effective to use a combination of joint and individual sessions to get to the heart of the issues. We can foster mutual accountability and create a realistic plan using concrete strategies to move toward a more fulfilling, authentic, and intimate connection.