Dads Supporting Dads

Dad’s Supporting Dads is a group designed to understand the changing expectations for fathers and their role in their families.

Since the industrial revolution, the dad’s role has been morphing from one generation to the next. And the expectations placed on today’s dads versus what they experienced from their dad growing up is very different.

This 3-month group is intended to support today’s dad in understanding how things have changed over the years and discuss what’s expected of dads today.

The purpose is to break down any false narratives that may play into your parenting style and provide you with an updated viewpoint based on the role today’s modern dad plays and your unique family dynamic. 

During this 3-month group, we will cover topics like: 
  • Dads Roles
  • Values
  • Agreements and House Rules
  • Discipline and Nurturance
  • Balancing Life Domains
Dads Supporting Dads meets bi-weekly on Thursdays from 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM.

During the group, you can expect: 
  • General check-in
  • Topic discussion
  • Activity 
  • Questions and support time
The cost of the 3-month series is $450 per person ($150 per month)

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