Individual Counseling

You are worthy of love, compassion, and self-care, and we celebrate your choice to seek out individual counseling. We invite you to open up to growth and expansion in the safety of this container to realize your life’s purpose.

Ashley uses a trauma-informed somatic approach to help individuals connect with their inner strength and resiliency. She focuses on bringing the heart’s energy into your experience with yourself and others.

Many of us are programmed to put the needs of others first. When this is how we’ve lived our lives, we tend to feel guilt and shame when taking care of ourselves. Over time, these negative feelings disconnect us from our experience and prevent us from living authentically.

Through awareness and intention, I’ll help you build a different relationship with your body and emotions than you may have experienced.

We’ll also work together to reconnect you to your pure wisdom and personal power impacted by social and cultural conditioning and traumatic experiences.

You’ll learn how to give voice to your needs, feelings, and desires while gaining confidence in the art of defining healthy boundaries. We’ll also practice vulnerability and emotional intelligence in a safe setting to heal and strengthen relationships in your life.

Conan has worked with adults and teenagers for over twenty years as a counselor and coach throughout an extensive continuum of care, from individual and group therapy to comprehensive wraparound support. 


We’ll use an individualized strength-based approach to assess, collaboratively plan, and consistently review your progress and focus on caring for your overall wellness emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

As a client, you define your vision and pathway for the work we’ll do, and then together, we’ll create the container for you to work through what is important to you and the barriers that may be hurting you. A consistent, supportive relationship with a counselor helps establish new ways to see yourself, your relationships, and how connected you feel to the world around you.