Men's Counseling

We respect that men may appreciate different counseling approaches, which is why Conan and Ashley offer different styles of support.

Ashley invites you to explore and open up to your feelings in a safe container. Her approach focuses on bringing the heart’s energy into your experience with yourself and how you interact with others.

Using a trauma-informed somatic approach, she’ll help you build a different relationship with your emotions and body than you may have experienced. So you can see your empathy and sensitivities as a strength instead of a weakness.

Our sessions will focus on practicing vulnerability and cultivating emotional intelligence for more successful relationships as we build confidence and balance in your life.

Conan has worked with men for the past 15 years as a counselor and coach. He’s known for innovative discoveries that give men a voice in their lives surrounding developmental stages, relationship patterns, roles, and personal identity.

We’ll examine your life domains, culture, and identity in a way that brings a better understanding of who you are and how you impact those around you.

Most men learn that masculinity equals rugged individualism and that they can overcome anything. This idea negatively influences us as men as it reinforces the concept that we need to do it all by ourselves. But actually, healthy masculinity recognizes our strength and courage as we draw upon our experiences and use our support systems to move through life.

Our sessions will focus on building a healthy relationship between your mind, body, and soul through awareness and consciousness.