Parent Transition Retreat
October 6 & 7, 2022

Cost: $3,000 Each Couple

When: October 6 & 7, 2022

Where: Salishan Coastal Lodge, Gleneden Beach, Oregon

(*includes lodging, meals, and workshop)

At Counsel Grove, recognize that transitions are challenging for you as parents and your children. Even when everything is in place, the transition from treatment to home can be stressful. And knowing where to focus your energy and navigate resources for a successful outcome can be confusing.

To ensure an intimate, individualized experience, we are limiting the cohort to 12 families.

From our 30+ years of experience working with families and adolescents, we recognize a need for additional support for families transitioning their children from treatment to home. We’ve designed this retreat to equip you with the necessary tools for success.

This two-day parent retreat is perfect for parents who are either getting ready to transition their child home from treatment or have recently made that transition within the past six months.

Parents will have time to connect, talk about their concerns and fears, and celebrate their accomplishments and hard work during the retreat.

We understand that the success of your youth transitioning home is not only about the work done in treatment but in exploring the dynamics and triggers that occur for everyone involved. With proper planning and support, youth are more likely to be successful coming home and staying home.

You’ll learn:

  • What to expect in those first 90 days.
  • What to do when a crisis emerges.
  • How to handle conflicts. Setting boundaries and creating agreements.
  • How to build a support team around you.

You’ll leave with:

  • Skills to support your teen and family in transition.
  • Relationships with other parents in transition.
  • Concrete action steps and resources to enhance your transition experience.

Exclusive Online Teen Support Group

Another need that often comes up for teens coming home is that they feel disconnected from their peers due to developing emotional intelligence and skills that many adolescents who haven’t had treatment just haven’t developed yet. The teens we have worked with report feeling isolated and that their peers wouldn’t understand what they have been through.

We’ll offer an exclusive Online Teen Support Group that:

Connects teens with teens who have been in treatment and “get it.”

Supports teens in integrating back into the world.

Provides a safe place for teens to express their truth and be seen.

Is a constructive container for facilitated healthy feedback and support.

The Parent Retreat is the essential first step. Only families that commit to the parent retreat can access the teen group. Parents of the online teen support group will get to know other parents in the group and get a first-hand experience of our group facilitation process.

We believe that these two supports make a difference for youth and families in transition. 

If you would like to explore being a part of this cohort, please follow the link below to begin the conversation. 

Meet Your Facilitators

Ashley Green, MSW


Conan Green, MSW

Salishan Coastal Lodge Information*


All are welcome at Salishan Coastal Lodge to enjoy a pure Oregon Coast escape. Our woodsy lodge, secluded between Siletz Bay and the Pacific Ocean, captures the pioneering spirit and rugged style of the Pacific Northwest. Borne from a love of this unspoiled landscape, Salishan invites you to recalibrate amongst hospitality, holistic wellness, coast-to-table dining, and empowering eco-adventures infused with nature.

Whether you’re here for a weekend getaway, destination wedding, or a team-building retreat, for exhilaration or relaxation, for a little “me time” or “we time,” our friendly staff shares their passion for the outdoors with a deep respect for our planet.


One of the signature highlights of fall in Oregon near our Gleneden Beach resort, Finders Keepers is a beloved local tradition. Founded by artists in 1997 as an homage to the washed-up glass objects used by fishing crews to ballast their nets, the Finders Keepers project features nearly 3,000 blown glass spheres intentionally scattered around the seven miles of public beaches of Lincoln City. As the name can tell you, any floats found are all yours, and other special objects are included in the drops as well.

Join Lincoln City locals and Oregon visitors in your search for a dreamy fall getaway as well as keepsakes for your return home. This time of year is marked by fiery fall foliage, and a chance to enjoy the splendor of the nearby trails at their finest. With our on-site fire pits perfect for roasting smores and cozying up, not to mention our proximity to the cast-off spheres on the shoreline, an ideal autumn day is yours for the taking.


*This information was taken from the Salishan Coastal Lodge Website.