Women's Counseling

We celebrate that women may want a choice in their approach to personal counseling, and we’re thankful we can offer that to you. Choose to work with Ashley, Conan, or both of us to support your healing and growth.

Ashley uses a trauma-informed somatic approach to help women connect with their feminine power and resiliency.

As women, we are often programmed to focus on others’ needs first, value relationships at the cost of our own desires, and feel guilt and shame for taking care of ourselves. And over time, these feelings disconnect us from our bodies and prevent us from speaking our authentic truth.

We’ll work together to strengthen your voice and intuition. You’ll learn to tap into the inner wisdom and power often suppressed by social and cultural conditioning and traumatic experiences.

Our sessions will focus on reconnecting you to your feminine power and resiliency by setting boundaries and giving voice to your needs, feelings, and desires as you work to heal the limiting beliefs and blockages acquired by living a life lived in compassion for others.

Conan believes that feminine and masculine energies work through each of us and that having a comprehensive understanding of this will bring balance to our lives.

Culture shapes us, so using discoveries surrounding cultural awareness, life domains, and self-identity will help you develop an understanding of who you are and how you relate to the world around you.

We’ll help you build the skills and confidence needed to effectively use your inherent strengths to reach your goals. You’ll learn strategies for conflict resolution to navigate difficult conversations and uncover identity patterns that may hinder personal development.