Sessions & Fees

Counseling and Spiritual Development

We will develop a plan that best fits your needs and identify the next steps after our initial call.

Since we don’t prefer to diagnose, it’s important to know that we do not bill insurance. We can provide you with receipts or super bills for your use when asking for reimbursement from your health plan provider. Feel free to ask us more about this when we connect.


Conan and Ashley are present in couples counseling to offer both partners support and to ensure each partner is heard and seen.

Individual sessions are strongly encouraged during couples counseling to create a safe space for each partner and promote personal growth for the couple’s overall wellbeing.

As we work together, we may find it beneficial to individualize the format, length, or duration of sessions, leading to an adjustment in the overall session rate.

•  $200 Per Couples Session
•  $100 Per Individual Session (as part of of couples counseling)

Individual & Spiritual

We all need support at certain points of our life. And individual counseling creates the perfect space to be seen, heard, and empowered to continue on your life’s journey.

Sessions are approximately 60 minutes and are conducted by phone, Zoom, or FaceTime.

  • $130 Per Session for Individual and Spiritual Counseling and Coaching

Shamanic Journeys &
Soul Retrieval

Shamanic journeys and soul retrievals involve some preparation together. Preparation happens for counseling clients as part of regular sessions and for new clients during our initial call.

Sessions are approximately 60-90 minutes long and are broken into two segments, reserving 30 minutes for our journey and up to 60 minutes to discuss and process the journey.

Shamanic journeys and soul retrieval sessions are conducted by phone while you relax in your own comfortable, quiet space.

•  $150 – $200 Per Session

Discovery Sessions

Dive deep into yourself and discover what archetypes and personalities move you. Discover your inner world and how it affects your outer. 

Discovery sessions are completed in two to three 90 minute sessions and range from $300-$500 per discovery, depending on your individualized request during your initial consultation.

•  $300 – $500 Per Discovery (2-3 Sessions Per Discovery)