Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition based on our connection with the natural and spiritual world. While traditional shamanism is grounded in the unique culture, wisdom, and traditions of indigenous peoples worldwide, there are similarities in practices across cultures that have become the basis of a modern form of shamanic practice.

We honor the cultures and traditions from which these practices have emerged and adapted. As a shamanic practitioner, I energetically journey in the natural and spiritual world on your behalf to aid in your healing process.

Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval can be especially helpful when we feel we have a chronic block or issue we can’t resolve.

Ashley  practices soul retrieval to energetically find and return the pieces of your soul and vitality that are ready to come back to you. Soul retrieval explores life experiences that may have caused part of our soul or our essence to fragment and split off on an energetic level.

The ability to fragment or split is a protective measure built into us as humans. When we don’t feel safe, seen, loved, or accepted or put part of ourselves away to function in our environment and relationships, we can split or fragment. But doing so results in us losing the ability to access our vitality and life force.

Fragmentation or splitting is often due to trauma. But it may not be something we remember as acutely traumatic because the traumatic event may have happened outside of memory or before language development, making it even more challenging to attend to on a cognitive level.

Follow up sessions are strongly recommended to support you in the integration needed after a soul retrieval session.

Shamanic journeys

Shamanic journeys are similar in format to soul retrievals but have different intentions.

While soul retrievals are specific to bringing back parts of you, shamanic journeys are about tapping into information, messages, guidance, and energies to aid and support you in your healing process. You can carry specific questions, issues, and intentions into the shamanic journey, which can be used as a tool for guidance with counseling or personal growth.

Follow up sessions are strongly recommended after a shamanic journey to help you process the information obtained during the journey.