Spiritual Counseling

We believe that there is a greater meaning to life’s events and challenges, which is why we focus on healing and support for the mind, body, and Spirit. In spiritual counseling, we explore and cultivate connections to a higher power, god, the universe, life’s meaning, soul path, and divine force.

Spirituality is different than religion, though religion can be part of it. In its simplest form, spirituality is about our connection with something bigger than ourselves. And we intentionally engage with this greater connection for support, guidance, strength, compassion, love, and healing.

Here at Counsel Grove, we recognize and respect that there are many different frameworks and beliefs about spirituality, which is why we don’t ascribe to any one perspective or approach. We have real-life experience in Christianity, Buddhism, Vedanta, Yoga, Paganism, and Shamanism, with an eclectic blend of practices drawn from these belief systems.

Our focus with spiritual counseling is to help you cultivate a greater connection with a higher power, find meaning in life’s challenges, explore your life’s purpose and gifts, and develop tools for your spiritual path and practice.