Conan uses a discovery process to unearth truths about how you view yourself and how these views may impact your life experience. This in-depth approach takes you on a journey through the foundational areas of life, culture, and identity to increase your awareness of potential growth so that you can experience the fullness of life.

Life Domain Discovery

Life domain discovery, offered by Conan Green, works through seven or more significant aspects of your life.

It organizes what a person ideally wants each domain to look like against their current situation and offers suggestions for the next steps to strengthen each aspect. The primary domains reviewed include:

  • Spirituality
  • Family
  • Work
  • Friends
  • Physical Health
  • Fun
  • Finances

Culture Discovery

Culture discovery takes an in-depth look at how you connect with your culture — your values, traditions, family, and social identity.

As you become aware of your distinct culture, you’re able to determine what parts of your culture are important and meaningful and what cultural elements may hinder, such as a culture of aggression or avoidance.

The culture discovery process will provide you with a general overview of your current cultural impacts and past influences and how they influence your connection to the world around you.

Identity Discovery

Identity discovery explores a person’s personality traits, learning styles, and personal preferences.

This discovery captures the strengths and intrapersonal attributes that will enhance your understanding of who you are and how you see the world.

An advanced discovery is an optional service that goes deeper into an archetypal framework to help you sort through the different parts, roles, and attributes that make up the sum of who you are.