Family Counseling & Support

Working with families is a shared passion and a process we perform together. Families are complex. Every family has its own culture, norms, values, traditions, and unique identity influenced by each member. Many of these characteristics are valuable or admirable. They’re the special bonds that make up the family unit and offer a shared sense of belonging, even when some of them are dysfunctional, causing pain, disconnection, or trauma.

We often find that unhealthy traits are passed down unconsciously from one generation to the next because it was normal within the family dynamic.

These unhealthy characteristics are difficult to see when we’re part of the dynamic at play. 

Often one person in a family will reach out for help when there is a problem in the family system. While individuals need individual support, it’s also essential to look at the whole picture and evaluate how all the parts are connected. If one part of the ecosystem is isolated and changed, then reintroduced back into the same conditions, it will likely revert to its old patterns. Whole family change happens when all members work together to change the entire ecosystem. When the ecosystem changes, families and the people in them thrive.

Because families are complex, we believe they need and deserve an individualized approach and support system, which we strive to provide in our work. We also believe parents are the foundation and the guardians of the family system, which is why we focus our support there first. 

Our combined experience in various settings and systems allows us to offer a broad perspective and deep working knowledge of services to meet families wherever they are in their process. 

Services Offered

Additional Experience

  • In-Home Services
  • Group Home Care
  • Wilderness Therapy
  • Residential Treatment